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On Angels and Messengers

Saturday, January 28, 2017


Do you believe in God?
Perhaps you are unsure.
I don't mean to prosthelitize.
I merely wish to present a view
that you may unknowingly share...
  or not.

"Those who claim to know
     the Will of God, 
those who preach as if 
   they have "Him" in their back pocket, 
must have a very small god, indeed."


If you think you're a non-believer.
why limit yourself to what you think?
Contemplation can go
   where thought cannot.
Thought is the elevator
   in the Empire State Building
       that doesn't go all the way to the top.
You have to take another elevator
   to reach the observation deck.
Even then,
 an unreachable chrome spire
   towers high above you.

A finite, primate brain
   simply cannot conceive,
much less comprehend
     the inconceivable.
Humility demands a concession
    that there might, in fact,
      be Something out there.

"Don't be deceived
 by what you perceive.
There's so much more,
   very much more.
So very much more than this."


Words get in the Way,
especially the word "God".
I believe in the Way.
I believe that we are all One.
Like a coral reef:
  one organism, many polyps.
I am a mere polyp,
but I am One with All That Is:
the conceivable and the inconceivable.
You are, too, (Yes, U2) ,
   for we are One.
'Life is a beautiful, chaotic mess;
and we are all in it together."

If we are all One, belief in the One
 only requires belief in one's self.
I do believe.
Do you believe, too?
You didn't think so,
   but perhaps you do.


"Then you shall know the truth; 
and the truth will set you free.'
     -- John 8:32

The Truth is that
 "You Don't Know Shit."
Neither do I.  No mortal does.
Not even John
 -- but he might be right about this.

If we humbly admit
    that we don't know shit,
the truth will, indeed, set us free.
Those with hubris,
those who deny the inconceivable,
are imprisoned in the brain of a primate.
Admit it: "We don't know shit!"
Now, don't you feel relieved?
Don't you feel free?
Free to believe that there might, indeed,
be Something out there,
something unknowable.


"Don't be deceived by what you perceive.
There's so much more,
very much more.
So very much more than this."

Monday, January 2, 2017

It's New Year's Eve

It's New Year's Eve and I don't care.
The 'When' I live in knows no years.
No months nor weeks nor minutes fly.
I Am, right Here, right Now, Am I.