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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Government Reform II,: Photo Ops

5) Photo Ops in Vacant Government Offices

The Oval Office and Supreme Court Bench are vacant quite a bit: say at least 100 days per year.  I propose that people can buy Lottery tickets (@$10 each) to have there photographs taken in these vacant offices. Winners must make a $500 donation for an oval office photograph, with you at the presidential desk; or a $100 donation for a seat in the Supreme Court or  Cabinet Room. Do the math: 10 winners per hour x  10 hrs per day x 100 days per year x $100 each = $1,000,000 for 9 Supreme Court Seats and 11 Cabinet Seats = $20,000,000 + Oval Office income of $5,000,000  ($5000 per day for $100 days) + Lottery Proceeds less overhead costs (minimal, due to use of inmate labor).

(6} Family Photos 

(Evenings in the  Oval Office)
Additional funds can be raised by selling tickets for  photos with look - alikes of Donald, Chuck, Nancy, Paul and that other guy, whose name rhymes with Nancy's nickname. Ten per hour for 5 hours x 100 days @ $100 per photo + another $100 for fake autographs = $1,000,000/year in the Oval Office alone.  Rose Garden photos can be taken all day, almost every day for income up to $300,000,000.

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