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On Angels and Messengers

Friday, March 15, 2013



When a seed that you planted and watered
and weeded and pampered and guarded
is about to burst forth with a blossom,
to you the occasion is awesome.

Yet people who you thought would care
preferred to have hot dogs and beer.
You don't know what they're thinking,
while your heart is sinking,
but it hurts.


A question to ponder:
What to do?  What to do?
Tolerate those who tolerate me?
Or simply depart, letting them be?
Letting them wonder?

Why should I care?
It's about them,
not about me.
Why should I care?

There Will Always Be Dragons to slay

This lullaby was written for my son, Michael.
I finished it, more or less, it when he was ... oh, about 32.
Please, please, tell us what you think of it.
The sheet music can be viewed or downloaded at

Lucid, Vincent: There Will Always Be Dragons to Slay
Lucid, Vincent
There Will Always Be Dragons to Slay (A Father's Lullaby)
+ MP3 (human interpretation) / MIDI
Voice, Strings ensemble

Celtic / 2010
V. J. Lucid © All rights reserved

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Irish Duck Hunter's Blessing

May your boat not be the orange kind.
May the wind be always in your face,
The ducks fly low above your blind,
Your buddy neither sneeze nor cough --
And if you tend to shoot in haste,
May you forget to take the safety off.

Editorial Comment:
 I have a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology. I choose not to hunt, but I consider most hunting to be a personal decision -- assuming that you kill cleanly* and eat what you kill.  Trophy hunting, from a biology viewpoint, is hard to defend.  

* Bow-hunters ought to be really good archers before going into the woods. I once proposed, only half in jest, that you practice on ducks.  Your dog will retrieve all those arrows. Right?