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Monday, May 17, 2010

A Gift for the Class of 2010

Especially for Elizabeth !

You'll get enough congratulations from others.

So, I have something for you to talk about at your graduation party:
a way to kill time until you can open the envelopes and pocket the cash. I figured there must have been myriad attempts to write lyrics for Edward Elgar's March No. 1, "Pomp & Circumstance". After Googling for nearly four minutes, I found the original "Land of Hope and Glory" and a few others, but nothing with a graduation theme.
I did discover, though, that "Accept" has a heavy metal instrumental version. It's on their "Death Row" album -- the one with the cover that is obviously a rip-off of my logo on the home page of ""

Now, let's sing "Pomp & Circumstance" as we shuffle along.

We have to walk slowly.
We really look dumb.
This tempo is drolly.
There's Dad - but where's Mum?

They want to take photos,
So, keep turning their way.
Keep walking like Do-dos.
We'll be here all day.

(harmonica interlude)

We have to walk funny,
while they grin and they sob.
But they'll give us more money,
if we give them more pomp.

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