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On Angels and Messengers

Saturday, November 2, 2013


May your life together be blessed with perseverance, resilience and longevity.

Through ebb and flow, may the waves break gently on your shore.

May you endure the inevitable storms; and find strength in one another.

May you recognize and respect the separateness within your togetherness.

May you remember always that Someone who loves you dearly

       is watching over you, guiding you ... and smiling.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

In Defense of German Lyrics

I used to think that German was
not lyrical at all, because
it has so many "achts" and "ichts" and "unzes".
But Brahm's could write a melody
to shame those guys from Italy.
I like the words to some of Brahms's tunes's.

*** especially, "Wie lieblich sind deine Wohnungen.
As the self-appointed poet laureate of the Syracuse University Oratorio Society, I composed the first five lines on the way to a rehearsal. Then it took a week to come up with the final rhyme.  I was too stubborn to make it easy by changing line three. "Semper procedamus" .. or should I say, "Weiter, immer weiter"?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


A slightly modified version of a sudden sonnet that I posted June 27.
My Our recent loss proves my point.

Everything you thought would last,
everything you've counted on,
is disappearing all too fast.
The world you know will soon be gone.
One day you find yourself alone.
It's wonderful to have some friends,
but they have troubles of their own.
And so it goes -- it never ends.

When Fate is waiting at your door,
turn the lock and let her in.
Find out what she wants you for.
Life might get better than it's been.
It's time to take her as your wife.
Fate's been your roommate all your life.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

With a Steady Rain

With a steady rain I feel secure
and a torrent brings on gratitude
for a roof and walls and door and floor
and a cozy not a dreary mood.
With a steady rain I feel secure.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

HOPE - a six-minute sextet

When deep in despair
you might realize
a new day is near.
The sun will soon rise,
and someone who cares
is right by your side.

FATE - a sudden sonnet

Everything you thought would last,
everything you've counted on,
is disappearing all too fast.
The world you know will soon be gone.
One day you find yourself alone.
The people who you thought were friends
all have troubles of their own.
And so it goes -- it never ends.

When fate is waiting at your door,
turn the lock and let her in.
Find out what she wants you for.
Life might get better than it's been.
It's time to take her as your wife.
Fate's been your roommate all your life.

Friday, April 19, 2013

a comically tragic grand opera  
 Sung throughout, just like Phantom of the Opera (well, sort of). 
ADD Tangent:  This concept might make a fun party game.  Go around the room, one line per person, creating a story with song lyrics.

Gary Indiana (Gary Indiana) -- that obnoxious carrot-top kid from The Music Man, secret love-child of Robert Preston and Ethel Merman. Gary is now 25 years-old and sings every word that comes out of that obnoxious Hoosier-mouth of his. He should ask his doctor if Lyrica is right for him.
Annie Warbucks -- now 22 years old, no longer little nor an orphan, but still an obnoxious (yet lovable) redhead, who has the same lyrical disorder as Gary Indiana (Gary Indiana). 
The Narrator -- equally obnoxious and, alas, stricken with a terminal  earworm, the entire contents of his brain having been displaced by song lyrics that won't go away until he reformats his hard-drive.  Rightly played by the playwright, of course, except when he's retching due to his own libretto, when MaryLou covers for him.

ACT ONE (Singular Sensation)

Narrator -- How shall I begin to tell the story? Talk about the boy? Talk about the girl?  Na na NAH nah ... I write the songsWhen a body meets a body, anything can happen.  Who knows? Boy-oh, Boy-oh! Something's happenin' here!  Lordy, Lord I'm tellin' you. 
Gary -- Monday, Monday! All alone am I.  I'm Mr. Blue (wah oo wah ooo). I ain't got nobody.  I've looked at clouds and I think it's gonna rain today.
Narrator -- But no one heard at all, not even a chair.
Gary -- Well these boots are made for walkin'.  Gotta walk that lonesome valley ... singin', singin' in the rain. I walk alone.  All by myself.  Strollin down the aven-oo, the Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Lonely Street ...
Narrator -- Over, over and over ... but no one heard at all.  Here she comes ... pretty woman, walkin' down the street. 
Annie -- I didn't sleep a wink last night.  I've been cryin'.  (Wah oo wah ooo.) Tears on my pillow. So I say to myself, don't let the sun catch you cryin'. Oh, No!
Narrator -- It's raining! It's pouring! The sun ain't gonna shine anymore!
Gary -- Well, I'm a-walkin'.  I'm a travelin' man.  Fal-da-ree, Fal-da-rah ... 
Annie --  Who's that man, just a-walkin' down the street? He knows not where he's going to. He's just a man. Oh, No! Stop (in the name of love).
Gary -- Who am I? Who am I?
Annie -- Gary Indiana! Gary Indiana! You don't remember me, but I remember you. Try to remember. Back in the good ol' days. We were young, and didn't have a care. 
Narrator -- He went away, but now he's ba-ack. Look out, look out, look out, look out. He's no good for you, foolish little girl.  
Annie -- Listen! Do you want know a secret? Gary Indiana (Gary Indiana.) I wanna marry you ... and we're gonna get married.
Gary -- In the year 2525.  When Jupiter aligns with Mars. 
Annie -- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Gary -- It's not time to make a change. Let's spend the night together.
Annie -- R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Will you still love me tomorrow? 
Gary -- E-I-E-I-O.  Got a rocket in my pocket.
Narrator -- Boy-oh, boy-oh!  [deleted -- title and lyrics from a Woody Guthrie song recorded by the Kingston Trio ... and a line from "I Am Woman"].
Annie -- Ah! Sweet mystery of life!
Narrator -- Let's go out to the lobby.
ACT TWO (Turtle-Doves)

Annie -- We're goin' to the chapel. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! Indiana wants me and we're gonna get married.
Gary -- Nah, nah, NAH, nah. Never in a million years.
Annie -- Here we are! Two turtledoves -- and baby makes three.
Gary -- Kids? We've got trouble, right here. Kids?
Annie -- What's the matter with kids?
Gary -- Nah, nah, NAH, nah.  There, I've said it again. Hey, hey hey, Goodbye!
Annie -- Hey hey hey?  Goodbye?
Gary -- Sing for me, softly, as I leave you. It's time to move on. See you in September (in the year 3535).
Annie -- I'll see you in my dreams. I will always love you-oo-ooo.
Narrator -- But no one heard at all ... not even a ch... ch...  chh....
arrrgh! eccchhh!  Hello, MaryLou!  I want you, I need you! Help me if you can.

 Don't say No, it's THE END

Friday, April 5, 2013

What Do You See, Cat?

Oh, what do you see, Cat?  It puzzles me so.
When you're just staring up at the wall.
You spotted a spider there, four years ago,
Although now I see nothing at all.

Perhaps you’re engrossed in some Zen meditation
And you’re comatose, deep in a trance.
But very few gurus have your concentration,
So it might be extremely small ants.

You started at seven when I first awoke,
And right now it’s quarter-past three.
Sometimes I suspect it’s a practical joke
That’s designed just to mystify me.

Friday, March 15, 2013



When a seed that you planted and watered
and weeded and pampered and guarded
is about to burst forth with a blossom,
to you the occasion is awesome.

Yet people who you thought would care
preferred to have hot dogs and beer.
You don't know what they're thinking,
while your heart is sinking,
but it hurts.


A question to ponder:
What to do?  What to do?
Tolerate those who tolerate me?
Or simply depart, letting them be?
Letting them wonder?

Why should I care?
It's about them,
not about me.
Why should I care?

There Will Always Be Dragons to slay

This lullaby was written for my son, Michael.
I finished it, more or less, it when he was ... oh, about 32.
Please, please, tell us what you think of it.
The sheet music can be viewed or downloaded at

Lucid, Vincent: There Will Always Be Dragons to Slay
Lucid, Vincent
There Will Always Be Dragons to Slay (A Father's Lullaby)
+ MP3 (human interpretation) / MIDI
Voice, Strings ensemble

Celtic / 2010
V. J. Lucid © All rights reserved

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Irish Duck Hunter's Blessing

May your boat not be the orange kind.
May the wind be always in your face,
The ducks fly low above your blind,
Your buddy neither sneeze nor cough --
And if you tend to shoot in haste,
May you forget to take the safety off.

Editorial Comment:
 I have a Ph.D. in Wildlife Biology. I choose not to hunt, but I consider most hunting to be a personal decision -- assuming that you kill cleanly* and eat what you kill.  Trophy hunting, from a biology viewpoint, is hard to defend.  

* Bow-hunters ought to be really good archers before going into the woods. I once proposed, only half in jest, that you practice on ducks.  Your dog will retrieve all those arrows. Right?

Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Glossary of Seldom-Used Musical Terms

Dr Speedbump’s                                                   
 Glossary of Seldom-Used Music Terms 3.5
Page 1 of 2

al dente
with a toothy grin; (see liberace)
al Fredo
al Pacino
violent, but charming
as high as you can sing
gradually emerge from a painfully slow tempo
few will like this section; (see broccoli)
slow enough to put the audience to sleep
extremely stretched out
aria guitaria
air guitar
aria guitaria segovia
very good air guitar
squirming around in your seat to get more comfortable
an alto who’s absent without notifying the director
distasteful, but doesn’t stink as bad as anchovi
bromo salsa
a dance like the one that follows anchovi pizza molto presto
crisp; (see dorito and tostito)
whole notes smushed together but still distinct
clipiti clopiti
in the style of Gene Autry; (see palomino)
beautiful, except where it’s flat
con supina
sing even if you don’t want to
counter tenor
a singing waiter at a diner
da Vinci
be inventive; make something up
de Julio
campy, but in an oriental style
de Niro
forget about it; the composer’s not talking to you
falling apart; e.g. when the conductor loses his place
finish the movement in 30 minutes or less, or admission is free
corny; one variation of caracas
heavy, but soaring
el Greco
distorted, just like the last section and the one before that
from a distance
fine but distasteful
sung slowly, faking the words
in control and with conviction; screw it up and you’ll regret it
generally shaky
with a commanding voice
a rocky, medium-heavy rhythm; (see marciano)
very suggestively
sickeningly sweet
largo cargo
slow and heavy
largo con fuego
a slow burn
with gaiety and a toothy grin (see al dente), usually in a tuxedo

Glossary of Seldom-Used Music Terms
Page 2 of 2

a very thin tone
a rocky, very heavy rhythm; (see graziano)
martini pimento
ornamentation with no real purpose
mea culpa
with lots of mistakes
mea maxima culpa
the worst mistake imaginable
nolo prima
miss the entrance
saturated with flats
flat and boring
more uniform than pinto; (preferred by Gene Autry)
with contrasting spots; (see clipiti clopiti)
with blind determination, ad infinitum
you must pay to play; obviously, no union musicians
played stiffly with strings
pizza molto
very flat
pizza pepperoni
with zest, but still flat
pizza poco
just a little flat
pizza poco a poco
getting flatter all the time
what you should have done before the concert
performed while standing for more than 4 hours
start way too soon
quasi modo
moving along at half-speed
quasi morte angelina
beautiful but fading; literally “like a dying angel”
very disgusting
performed by an ensemble, when it’s supposed to be a solo
riga morte
stiff and very dull; quiet but not soft
a more robust tone; (see linguini)
rondo bondo
a recurring theme, each time by a different instrument, but never as well as the second one; always rehearsal section 007
sara palino
with no preparation and stopping suddenly halfway through
coarse and gritty
no sorento, ever
a cappella tutti (orchestra, chorus and soloists)
soni bono
literally “a good sound”, but actually a bit irritating
go back to this place; (synonymous with DS)
stumbling painfully along
from an even greater distance than fargo
there’s absolutely nothing for you to do in this section
very exciting (umm…compared to omaha or topeka, anyway)
another variation of caracas (see dorito)
vivace fortissimo subito
wake the audience up; (see anesthesia)
wasilla vista
see siberia
riga morte quasi modo