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On Angels and Messengers

Sunday, January 27, 2013

"ON FEELINGS" -- a poetical essay

           a poetical essay by V. Lucid

Your Feelings belong only to You.
You gave birth to them.
They thrive on Neglect.
Sometimes you nurture them ... and they grow
            when you'd rather they didn't.
Sometimes you call them by a wrong name.
Still, they are Yours alone.

Sometimes you want to keep your Feelings to Yourself;
            especially when you're uncomfortable with them.
You're afraid that people won't understand:
            that they might laugh at You;
            or that You might get hurt.
You're afraid that people will think You are weak.

Listen Up, now!
Sensitivity has about as much to do with Weakness
            as Callousness has to do with Strength.
Nothing!  Absolutely Nothing!
The people who act as if they are stronger than You,
            more important, or superior in any way
            are always the people with the most insecurity
                        about themselves.
They are so afraid that others will find that out.

Other times, You feel compelled to express Your Feelings,
            at least to Someone You Trust.
Even then, it's not easy.
Words won't suffice.                    .
Words are useful to explain our Thoughts.
Feelings easily slip through the spaces between the Words.
Choose you Confidants carefully.

If you want Everyone to understand You ... get Real!
You can't expect people to be in touch with Your Feelings
            when they're not even in touch with their own.
If you want people to accept You Just the Way You are,
You have to accept them just the way they are --
            even when there is Injustice.
But that doesn't mean You have to like them. 
Yes, it is hard not to judge judgmental people .

If you want Someone, Anyone, to understand You,
            where do You start?
Right where You are, of course,  
Which Way do You go?
Toward Self-Understanding ... or better yet, Self-Love.

Listen up, again!
When You truly Love Yourself, Just the Way You Are,
You won't care what others may think of You.
Remember Always that You are a Child of God!
That Alone makes You Worthy,
            Just the Way You Are. 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

My New Year's Resolutions for 2013

      in order of difficulty, more or less.  Please wish me luck !

  1. Forgive myself for forgetting or defying most of my 2012 resolutions.
  2. Try not to make more than $400,000 -- to avoid those nasty tax increases.
  3. Get a haircut, maybe.
  4. When there's time left on my parking receipt, leave it in the slot for the next guy.
  5. When in Walm*rt, refrain from saying, "I'd like to see someone in Ladies Underwear."
  6.  What the Heck, refrain from Walm*rt altogether.
  7. Discard anything in the fridge with an expiration date from the 20th century.
  8. Never leave fewer than 3 sheets of TP on the roll. It's the least I can do to be courteous.
  9. Retire the following words or phrases  
          Paradigm, scenario, genre, out-of-the-box, under-the-bus, OMG, LoL, Deal with it,
          We need a bigger boat (I still like that one), or "Are you talkin' to me?"
  10. File  my tax return before August,
    assuming the IRS knows before then what deductions didn't go off the Fiscal Cliff.
  11. Try not to judge judgmental people.
  12. Be as polite to my family as I am to strangers.
  13. Remember that if I want people to accept me just the way I am,
            I have to accept them just the way they are (but I can still walk away).
  14. Try not to complain, criticize or gossip.
  15. Deleted --  already broken.  That's a sign to stop making resolutions.