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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Another Song from MY STATE FAIR LADY*

*For a synopsis of the story, see the Blog for May 18, 2010
[Plays Coming Soon ....] or click the "Broadway" label for this post.

HENRY the BARKER grew a conscience and is trying to make amends
for cheating people over the years with crooked Midway games.
So, rather than dancing all night, he sings:
I lost my pants last night
on games of chance last night.
I worked 'til half-past four.
I didn't cheat at all
when they threw basketballs.
Tonight, I'll lose some more.

I'll never know why it was so surprising,
when just for once the darts flew right.
I'm feeling so sincere - I need more teddy bears.
I lost my pants, pants, pants, alright!

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