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On Angels and Messengers

Sunday, April 4, 2010


A Gift of Verse
for Each of My Sopranos
(except the one that married me)

A lovely little lady named Anne
was wed to a very tall man.
Whenever they dance,
she holds onto his pants,
and her legs move as fast as they can.

Debbie came up from Long Isle-
and she always dresses in style.
So when she goes out,
men whistle and shout.
She ignores them, hiding a smile.

There’s another soprano named Ellie.
Her older sister is Kelley.
Like her twin sister Katie,
She turned into a lady,
After putting her mother through hell-y.

Here’s to Elizabeth F_____.
Her blouse is a little bit green-y.
She’s as pretty can be,
Though she’s got a bum knee.
Anne and Lisa she sits in between-y

A beautiful dyslexic soprona
developed a case of dysphonia.
She couldn’t sing for a while.
She’d just stand there and smile.
So we called her our Lisa Mona.

She says it's Reh-NAY, not Reh-KNEE,
But it looks like Reh-KNEE to me.
Although she can't spell,
She sings very well.
She can even hit a high C.

Let’s not forget Kathy D_______.
She’s the County’s kindest pet owner.
Every poor creature that strays
Shows up on her doorstep -- and stays.
On the bed, all the others move over.

Easter 2010

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