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On Angels and Messengers

Saturday, October 27, 2012

For Mary: Illustrations of Real Property

Examples of Commercial & Residential Properties 
that I drew in pen & ink on commission, for a proposal, or as a gift
 ~ 2012 ~


I was approaching the age of 65 when I discovered 
that I could draw quite a bit better than I thought I could.
Go figure!  Left-temporal dementia, perhaps?  (Look it up.)
So far, I'm making enough money to support my music habit.
It's promising, but I would keep my day job ... if I had one.


The black borders are designed to be partially covered by an 8"x10" mat. 
They mimic black-core matboard on cheaper white-core, ivory-colored  mats.
   These borders do not appear on the note-cards.


This house belongs to the man who offered me my own exhibit, less than two  months  after I discovered that I can draw a lot better than I ever realized.   
Note "Sparky" (John's Jack-Russell Terrier) on the front porch.  
 I gave Sparky a red ball; then declared the drawing complete.  Well, almost....

The Bundy Museum in Binghamton, NY, which is hosting my exhibit
(from October 5 to December 1, 2012).  
I am proposing a $10,000 fundraiser based on this and two other illustrations.

 Drawn as a gift for the Gilbert's 20th wedding anniversary.
Note the monogrammed cloud..  

The blue border was combined with a white-core green mat to represent
the three school colors of the high school next door to this youth center.

The two previous illustrations were done primarily for Christmas cards as a fundraiser for the youth center.  The greeting above the pictures said, simply, "Peace" (in Edwardian Script) -- to appeal to nearly everyone in the market group.   The settings and decorations are imaginary -- to make a 20th-century ranch-style building dramatic enough for a marketable Christmas card. The actual setting of the building is shown in the following blurry photo, which was the model for the drawings. 

This drawing earned me vouchers for 5 haircuts at this salon.   
I also used it on their appointment cards.

This drawing was done for a dear friend, an avid gardener.
I knew it was time to stop when I put up the red flag on her mailbox.
I later resisted the temptation to draw some stray animals on the front steps 
so that everyone would know that this is:

The house of Kathy DeGolyer,
the County's kindest pet-owner.
Every poor creature that strays
shows up on her doorstep -- and stays.
On her bed, all the others move over.

Thanks for your interest!
If you would like some  hard-copy samples of note-cards
or Christmas cards, please eMail me: