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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another Semi-Serious Sonnet

If you want to look young, just consider the crayon.
There are some that will alwaysok new.
With tips that stay sharp and wrappers that stay on;
But not Red, Yellow, Purple or Blue.
Likewise, Orange and Green are quite quickly worn down
'Til just a dull stub doth remain.
Even gloomier shades, like the Black and the Brown,
Are soon sticks made of wax on the wane.

Yet the Okra, the White and perhaps the Chartreuse,
With their wrappers that haven't been torn,
Simply stay in their box for they don't get much use,
So their points hardly ever look worn.
But what pride can you take appearing so youthful,
If it means that you're not very useful?

Author's Comment:
Many well-preserved people lead useful lives.  In fact, keeping busy helps keeps you young.  This poem refers to those among us who value appearance only  ~  and don't look deeper.   I'd like to incorporate this point into the poem ...  but who ever heard of a sonnet with three stanzas?

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