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On Angels and Messengers

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Something donned on me today ...

"Don" is a title of respect,
as in Don Quixote, Don Juan, or even Don Corleone.
So, how do you explain:
Donald Duck, Donald Trump (Dona nobis pacem)
Don Ho, Don Rickles, Donny Osmond, Donna Summer,
Don and Donna, Donder & Blitzen, Jelly Donuts
and "Don we now our gay apparel" ?
Don't it kinda make you wonder? Don't it, though?
(Sorry for the redundancy.)
I'm no John Donne but day is done
and I'm all done with this dumb* poem.
Done, done, done, DONE!
* Tomorrow, I may ponder Dumb & Dumber, Dominos
Dom Perignon, Dom DeLuis, FemDom, the Carrier Dome, Domestic Violence and Dominic vobiscum.

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