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Saturday, December 23, 2017

Government Reform II,: Photo Ops

5) Photo Ops in Vacant Government Offices

The Oval Office and Supreme Court Bench are vacant quite a bit: say at least 100 days per year.  I propose that people can buy Lottery tickets (@$10 each) to have there photographs taken in these vacant offices. Winners must make a $500 donation for an oval office photograph, with you at the presidential desk; or a $100 donation for a seat in the Supreme Court or  Cabinet Room. Do the math: 10 winners per hour x  10 hrs per day x 100 days per year x $100 each = $1,000,000 for 9 Supreme Court Seats and 11 Cabinet Seats = $20,000,000 + Oval Office income of $5,000,000  ($5000 per day for $100 days) + Lottery Proceeds less overhead costs (minimal, due to use of inmate labor).

(6} Family Photos 

(Evenings in the  Oval Office)
Additional funds can be raised by selling tickets for  photos with look - alikes of Donald, Chuck, Nancy, Paul and that other guy, whose name rhymes with Nancy's nickname. Ten per hour for 5 hours x 100 days @ $100 per photo + another $100 for fake autographs = $1,000,000/year in the Oval Office alone.  Rose Garden photos can be taken all day, almost every day for income up to $300,000,000.

Government Reform

An Excerpt from A Comprehensive Proposal to Reduce the Federal Deficit

7) Government Efficiency
I propose a new cabinet-level department: The US Federal Department of Redundancy Department

Under the direction of three  Secretaries (White, Black and Oriental)  this department will  identify or discover or document and eliminate or dismiss all overlapping, redundant or duplicative government agencies,  programs, congressional committees and federal employees who look alike. (That would spell trouble for Blacks and Orientals, if not for the extra two Secretaries). It is  difficult to estimate the cost savings, but at least a 25% reduction of the Federal budget percent is likely feasible. Additional iterations will save at another 25%, and so on, until the Department eliminates itself, like the EPA is doing now.