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On Angels and Messengers

Friday, April 30, 2010

ENVY or "Consider the Turtle"

Does the turtle envy the bird
for its ability to fly?
No more than the bird envies the fish
for its effortless swimming.
Does that fish envy the amphibious frog
for being equally at home in two different worlds?
No more than the frog, the fish and the bird
envy the turtle for its invulnerability.
And so it goes; for all creatures were given
special talents that define their individuality.
Most of them never complain.

Find your gifts. Some are well hidden.
Open them and use them. Make them shine.
Say "Thank You!", even if you hear no applause.
Others may envy you, though this might surprise you.
Chances are, they are none other than those
you regarded as more gifted than yourself.
Consider the turtle.

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