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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

LIFE is Just Like BASEBALL ...

Life is just like Baseball ...
          except, in LIFE, you never know:
How many strikes or outs you're entitled to,
How many balls, how many innings there will be, or
How many pitches of unknown objects
          might come flying at you, all at the same time,
          from different directions.
You can't trust that umpires even try to be fair, or
          that the people who were your teammates yesterday
          are on your side again today.
There will be opportunities you swing at --
And some that you'll let go by, for better or worse.
Of course, if you screw up on 60% of your turns at bat,
You won't get a trophy like a hitter with a .400 batting average.

Let's hope this Game, the only one underway,
          won't be called due to inclement weather
          like Fire, Ice or another annoying Flood.
There might not be another game after this one.
If there is, it could be like curling or cage fighting.
Suit up, Rookie!
You're in the Big League now.
Pick up your bat.
Step up to the plate.
Just do your Best.
That's all that the Coach and the Fans expect of you.
You might bring some Joy to Mudville today --
Or maybe not.
Either way, if LIFE is truly like BASEBALL,
It's OK to spit.

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