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On Angels and Messengers

Monday, May 3, 2010


Life would be fairer to the fairer sex
if more women aspire to become architects.
At the theatre they wait in a very long line
due to a bias in building design.
I'm beginning to think men enjoy intermission
with time for a drink while the women are pissin’.

What genius decided that men are much bolder
and don’t mind standing shoulder to shoulder?
Some hold their breath and go anaerobic
if they're a bit shy or a tad homophobic.
Young building designers just don't understand
what maturity does to a prostate gland.

Architectural schools should give preference to
smart women who hate to wait in a queue.
Why don't older professors tell young ones to teach
what life can be like when you’ve got BPH?
Gentlemen and ladies would all be enthralled
if lots more dividers and stalls were installed.

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